Many Nigerian students today aspire to be self-sufficient rather than relying on their parents or guardians for financial support, especially with the incessant strike in the public universities by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). You might be wondering “What kind of business can I start?” The first step is to figure out what kind of business you want to start, how marketable it is, and how easy it will be for you to run with less capital.

There are numerous business opportunities available to you as a student in Nigeria. Here is a collection of some fantastic business ideas.

  1. Selling Hair Products: Many people, particularly young women, require hair products to keep their hair looking healthy and beautiful. This is a market that you can tap into.
  1. Buying and Selling Thrifted Clothes: You can also supplement your income by selling used clothing. This is one of the best business options for students who don’t have a lot of money.
  1. Hairdresser Business: If hairstyling has always been your passion,  you can devote your spare time to it. It doesn’t have to be full-time work; as a student, you can find clients in your spare time and supplement your income. You can also use social media to market your job and attract more clients.
  1. Freelance Writing: Do you enjoy writing articles and blog posts for a living? You can sign up as a freelance writer on a website and start receiving orders from all around the world.
  1. Manicure and Pedicure Business: The only essential things needed for this type of business are nail technician supplies such as a nail file kit, nail polish, and nail cleanser.
  1. Cleaning Service: If you are an enthusiastic and tidy individual who pays close attention to the tiny details, a cleaning service would be ideal for you.
  1. Wigs/Hair Extension Business: This business is a profitable business in Nigeria especially if you’re female. You can either learn how to make wigs or simply buy them from a supplier and resell them. 
  1. Comedian/MC: Being a master of ceremony or a comedian is a service rendering business in Nigeria. Although this business cannot be done every day you can still make good money that will sustain you for non-work days.
  1. Forex Trading: Crypto trading is another profitable home-based business that a college and university student can successfully start. In the forex trading business, the crypto trading app also requires little investment, so you should consider this only if you are ready to learn to trade and have sound knowledge of cash flow and the exchange market.
  1. Barbing Salon: This business is a daily income business for both men and women. You just have to know the basics of barbing.
  1. Clothing Business: There are many options when it comes to the clothing business.  It is very lucrative,  you can choose to sell jeans, t-shirts, native/traditional wear and so on.
  1. Laundry and Dry Cleaning business: This is a low capital business.  You can start it in your hostel and you can expand it later on.
  1. Phone Charging Business: Due to the epileptic power supply in Nigeria. You can make a profit from this daily income business provided you have a small generator and you’re stationed In the busy area on campus.
  1. Organizing, Decluttering service: Are you really organized? Help others get organized and get paid for it!
  1. Tutorials:  Do you know any courses very well? Are you good in any field? Then you have the potential of becoming financially free. You could organize tutorial classes for students in your class or in lower years for a fee. The most interesting part is that they will be willing to pay as far as you know your onions. You can also add the option of writing assignments for people and get paid for it. There are so many people who thrive by writing assignments.
  1. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is another sharp way of making money as a student but requires consistency and hard work. As an affiliate marketer, you get paid a percentage of the money in which someone you referred paid for a product or service. 
  1. Sell Compiled Past Questions: Nothing sells fast in school like past question papers, especially as the exam date approaches. You can get past questions from your department and other departments, solve the questions with the help of your textbooks, then convert them to short handouts and sell them to students during exams. 
  1. Blogging: You must have heard that people make 5 figure income online through blogging. Well, It costs nothing to start a free .blogspot or .wordpress blog, and if you understand how blogging works, you will be making your money in no time.
  1. Graphics Design: Graphics design is another money spinner for those who have the skills. Our recommendation would be that you start with Canva design tool if you are a beginner.
  1. Sale of mobile phone accessories: There are likely chances of the mobile phone owners to need one or two phone accessories every now and then. Selling mobile phone accessories can’t be a bad idea. demand includes batteries, AirPods, battery chargers, memory cards, earpieces, pouches, screen guards, etc.
  1. Makeup Artist: The great thing about makeup artistry is that you can work anywhere. With a job in makeup artistry, the whole world is open to you. You can work anywhere   because makeup artists are needed everywhere. 
  1. Courier Delivery Service: With a courier service, you will transport and deliver parcels and packages. The charge for courier service depends on the destination and the size of the parcel or package.
  1. Photography: Young people have more influence on today’s world business, it’s a much more common phenomenon for them to start a business. So, you can start a photography business as a teenager besides your studies and earn well.
  1. Proofread essays: Proofreading is a high paying skill that you can learn very quickly and at-home proofreading can be profitable, flexible work to make extra money in your free time
  1. Cleaning services: Starting a cleaning business is a great idea. There’s high demand for cleaning services, you can make good money, and you can get started with little money.
  1. Test and review new products: According to research, around 30,000 new products are launched every year, and of those 95% end up failing. Hence, companies invest in product testing. As a student, you can register on some of the platforms that offer this service and earn money from it.
  1. Get paid to fill out surveys: Completing paid surveys online is an easy way to make extra cash on the side. You’re unlikely to get rich with the money from survey sites, but many of them do offer real cash, gift cards, and other perks for those who provide insights for their market research initiatives.
  1. Start a Youtube channel: Starting and growing your own Youtube channel can be a great way to make money in the long run with valuable content sharing and a target audience.
  1. Run a car washing service: Running a car washing business is quite convenient for students, as they can use their spare time to run some services and do not need a huge capital to start.
  1. Sell your notes: As a student, if you have enough time to create lecture notes, it can be a source of income when you make copies and sell them to your coursemates.
  1. Baking:  With students so busy these days with studying and working. If you love baking, you can make money out of it by selling to them.
  1. Offer Childcare: So many women are choosing the path of making their own money due to the economic crisis we are plagued with. As a student, you can spend your free period taking care of children in daycare or creches and be paid for it at the end of the day
  1. Become a painter and decorator: Are you creative? Do you like working with your hands? Then you are in luck because there are so many house owners who will be willing to pay for your painting/ decorating services and reduce the cost of hiring a professional.
  1. Set up a nail salon: If you like working with people and has the gift of making nails. Then consider turning it into a business.
  1. Set up events and party planning business: The average student knows how to party! If this sounds like you, consider converting your experience with parties into a business. You’ll need to be well-organized and have a large network of contacts.
  1. DJ for parties and events: Students are increasingly turning their hands to DJing. Disc jockeys are in high demand for student nights, house parties or more formal events. Start off your marketing by word-of-mouth and reach out to friends and family on Facebook, Instagram,  WhatsApp or any other platform you think might be effective. Once you gain experience, you can partner with venues and events companies.
  1. Become a freelancer: Whether it’s related to your current course or your dream career, you can offer your skills to people who need web design, illustration, writing, admin support and much more. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are excellent for advertising your services once you’ve established yourself as a freelancer, and you’ll also gain valuable experience to add to your CV.
  1. Start a proofreading service for essays or thesis: So, after writing your own essays, the last thing you’d want to do is edit other people’s. But consider this: you’ll gain a lot of experience with how to write an essay and, unlike when you’re doing your own work, you’ll be compensated for your time. Start advertising your skills on freelancing sites; there are thousands of people out there who are yearning for someone to proofread their work.
  1. Build an audience you can monetize: The capacity to grab and maintain the attention of others is a valuable tool in today’s connected society. It’s one that many businesses are prepared to pay for, and one that many producers can turn into a multi-revenue-streaming business. You have several options for monetizing your audience, whether you choose to increase your following on YouTube, Instagram, or a blog (preferably a combination of channels): 
    1. Branded content on behalf of brands. Selling both tangible and digital goods (via any of the ideas on this list)
    2. A mix of the above (they aren’t mutually exclusive)
  1. Become a social media manager: More people have used social media as a result of the pandemic than we’ve ever seen before. There are around 4.2 billion active users worldwide as of October 2021.  Brands need support managing their accounts on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, TikTok, and all of the other social media platforms available. A social media manager is in charge of developing and analyzing content for a company’s social media platforms. Clients will pay you to publish interesting material, compose visually appealing videos, respond to comments, run advertisements, and more. 
  1. Voice-over Services: With emerging marketing trends, voice-over services are much in demand by big companies and startups. If you have a good voice and excellent diction, you might want to consider this. You can start small projects on Fiverr and depending on customer satisfaction, you can grow it really big. 
  1. Errand services: If you believe you have outstanding management and planning skills. All you have to do is keep an eye out for errand activities like, grocery shopping, paying utility bills, delivering items, and so on, and earn money by doing so.
  1. Personal chef/food business: If you love cooking and hold expertise in cooking various dishes, you can be a Personal Chef as long as it doesn’t affect your studies. This business requires you to invest in mainly the cooking apparatus as well as the ingredients.
  1. Gift curator: One of the most innovative ideas is to start an online gift store. A consumer is constantly looking for methods to customize their gifts for valentine, Christmas,  anniversaries etc. 
  1. Tailoring: If you know how to sew, you might consider taking it up as a business while in university. Either by making bespoke designs or Ready to wear.
  1. Write CVs and resumes: If you are very good with words and know how to write down, you can offer your services to write CVs and resumes for those who can not.
  1. Test websites and apps: So many businesses are going online and they need testers. So you can make extra cash by testing websites and apps for malfunctioning and bugs.
  1. Enter competitions: There are so many competitions either writing, drawing. Singing etc both online and offline. You can enter any of them and win the cash prize.
  1. Betting: People make money when their favorite football team wins. If you like matched bettings, this is one way you can make money as a student.
  1. Virtual Assistant: You can become a virtual assistant by helping busy business owners with their day to day activities and make extra money during and after school.

After deciding the preferred type of business, the next step would be to choose the right business structure that suits your business and to go ahead to register or incorporate it so that you operate a formal and legally recognized business using our business registration service.

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