Launch a Global Company without stress or complex paperwork

Apply in minutes. No legal jargon. No complex paperwork. Personalized support. All the tools to succeed! 

✔️ Business Formation Documents

✔️ Tax/Employer’s Identification Number (TIN/EIN)

✔️ Business Bank Account

✔️ Regulatory Compliance Support

✔️ US Work/Business Visas

✔️ Founders’ Toolbox  


Available in Nigeria🇳🇬, United States🇺🇸 & United Kingdom🇬🇧

Used by Entrepreneurs to Easily Launch & Migrate their Companies

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Forming, managing compliance and scaling a company locally and internationally can be a struggle due to Complex Processes, Legal Jargons, Multiple Queries, Government Headaches, Slow Customer Service, Expensive Fees, the list goes on. 

At Corporate Bestie, we simplify business formation, compliance and migration to help entrepreneurs start, manage and scale their companies without stress or complex paperwork.

LLC Incorporation

Sole Proprietorship


NGO/ Incorporated Trustees

Tax ID Number

Business Bank Account

Business Name Upgrade

Annual Returns Filings

Trademark Registration

Founders' Toolbox

US Company Incorporation

UK Company Incorporation

Founders & Businesses of all kinds trust CorporateBestie


Thank you Corporate Bestie for making my structuring process very seamless. I got a good price for all the services rendered, now I have a business, TIN and also a business bank account and even access to use other business tools. CB is definitely the best!

Florence Odutayo

Founder, Fabrics by Aduke


Super affordable, super fast, super efficient, stellar customer service.

Olujimi Ojikutu

Founder, Very Easy Edutech Ltd


Working with this firm as been a beauty, zero stress, great customers interaction, and best prices you can get.

Olamide Olabode

Founder, Opti Value Integrated Services Limited


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Do you have products or services that will benefit our growing community of entrepreneurs and founders? You are welcome to become a Service Partner and get access to Entrepreneurs and Founders within our network. 


Earn while helping businesses thrive legally & responsibly

The CB Affiliate Program (CBAP) is designed to help interested affiliates (you could be a student, unemployed youth/graduate or entrepreneur) earn from our services. As an Affiliate Partner, you get earn up to 25% discount on our eligible services. (ToS apply)

What’s Inside the Founders’ Toolbox? (RE-LAUNCHING SOON)

Get access to online visibility and marketing tools and experts that will help you rapidly attract new customers and drive sales for your business.

Accounting is a critical part of building your business. Get connected to our fantastic team of partners to support you with your bookkeeping, taxes and financials.

Get access to a business account and access to quick business loans and/or equity investment to meet business needs such as setting up a new office location, hiring staff, scaling your marketing, purchasing office equipment, etc from any of our trusted partners.

Get access to a team of legal experts who are always available to provide you with legal support and advice as you launch and grow your venture.

 You will never walk alone!
Join our community of founders, entrepreneurs and mentors to guide and support you on your journey towards greatness.


Got questions? Read through to get answers. You can also chat with one of our Business Advisors on WhatsApp

What is CorporateBestie.com about?

Corporate Bestie is a tech-enabled, all-in-one company that simplifies business formation, compliance, and migration to help entrepreneurs start, manage, and scale their companies without stress or complex paperwork.

Any entrepreneur can Apply in Minutes, No Legal Jargon, No Complex Paperwork and get registered in only a few days with access to:

– Registration/Incorporation Documents

– Tax Identification Number (TIN)

– A Business Bank Account

– Regulatory Compliance Services

– Other tools and resources for business growth

How do I proceed with the registration process?

We have simplified our process and made it easy for anyone to file an application in less than 5 minutes and in 4 easy steps via our website – www.corporatebestie.com

Step 1. Enter your name and email address in the spaces provided when you log in to our website.

Step 2. Choose a business structure or service on the pricing page or your email.

Step 3. Fill the application form with your business and personal information, including your documents. Your documents are safe with us.

Step 4. Make payment for your selected service through our secure payment portal and you are good to go! We will handle the rest professionally

Feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp if you need any help.

Why should I register/incorporate my for profit or impact-driven organization?

To be formally recognized as a legitimate organization doing business in Nigeria and the United States, you need to be registered. With a registered business, you can be considered for grants, loans and other funding opportunities. You can also conveniently do business with diverse partners and customers without worry.

What documents do I need?

– A valid means of identification – The most acceptable ID is a National Identification Card and Number or International Passport for US or UK Companies.

– A passport photograph

– Business Information

– Personal Information

What are the different types of services you offer?

1. Sole Proprietorship

2. Partnership 

3. Limited Liability Company 

4. Incorporated Trustee (For impact-driven organizations)

5. Annual Returns Filing

6. Upgrade of Business Name to Limited Liability Company

7. Trademark Registration

You can view all at our pricing page


What are the timelines for the registration process?

1. Sole Proprietorship – 3 – 10 Business Days

2. Partnership – 3 – 10 Business Days

3. Limited Liability Company – 3 – 10 Business Days

4. Incorporated Trustee – 60 Business Days

5. Trademark Registration – 3 – 4 months

6. Annual Returns Filing: 10 Business Days

7. Upgrade from Business Name to Limited Liability Company: 10 Business Days


Will I receive hardcopies of my documents?

All documents are sent digitally via your preferred email address so that you can have access to them from anywhere at anytime.

What does your fee include?

– Name Reservation/Availability Check

– Registration Filing

– Incorporation Certificate

– Memorandum of Association (For LTD/LLC)

– Articles of Association (For LTD/LLC)

– Consent Code (Where applicable)

– Newspaper Publication (Where applicable)

– Extract of Minutes for Incorporation (Where applicable)

– Google My Business Registration/Verification

– Application for Tax ID number

– Business Bank Account

– Access to our Founder’s Toolbox



What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept full payments made after you have completed the application process. You can pay online via a payment link to be provided using your debit or credit card.

I am still not sure what structure is right for my business or impact organization

That’s common! You can take our quiz on How To Choose The Right Structure via this LINK

You can also chat with our Business Advisors on WhatsApp – +234 708 205 7257 or click here if you require further assistance. We are here for you!

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