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This Bootcamp is for you if:


You want to generate or refine a profitable business idea


Create solutions to global challenges


Find customers from any location willing and able to pay for your services


Unlock digital tools and resources to accelerate your business growth.

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Additional Bootcamp Benefits


Business Registration Certificate


Business Bank Account


Access to a vibrant entrepreneurship network


Access to mentorship and funding opportunities.

Bootcamp Schedule

Day 1: Orientation & Business Networking

Day 2: Idea Generation

Day 3: Customer Validation

Day 4: Business Modeling & Planning

Day 5: Business Branding

Day 6: Regulatory Compliance

Day 7: Social Media Marketing & Digital Transformatiom

Day 8: Financial Management & Access to Funding

Day 9: Global Business Mobility

Day 10: Pitching & Graduation

Bootcamp Fees: ₦2,000 per day only

Fees can be paid daily or in full

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of business registration will I get after the Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp comes with a Sole Proprietorship Registration for all participants. However, we understand that different types of businesses require different structures. We’ll advice you on the type of registration required for your type of business and you can make the necessary additional payments where required.

What if I can't attend the sessions live?

If you are unable to attend the live training sessions, you will get access to the replay videos and presentation slides/worksheets to learn and practice everything shared during the training

Can I choose the Bank I want to register my business with?

We already have Banking partners, you will get a Bank account from our banking partner. You can also access other banking institutions to set up your business bank account (s).

Will I receive hardcopies of my documents?

No. All documents are sent digitally via email and stored up in a cloud service so that you can always have access to them at anytime.

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